Home | Services life insurance agency specializes in traditional, simplified, non-medical and guaranteed issue life insurance. The agency’s main objectives are to get you the right policy at the right price and to make your life insurance experience simpler whenever possible. The right policy at the right price is one that matches with your needs, suits your insurability, is competitively priced and affordable. Term and permanent insurance is available in amounts from $1 thousand to $10 million (higher minimum for term). You can be up to age 85 to apply. Most business can be done conveniently over the phone. 


Traditional Life Insurance


If you are low risk to insurers, then traditional life insurance is a good direction to take. Traditional will require the most disclosure from you, and usually medical testing. If this information is in your favour, then you will get the lowest possible rates. Has higher minimum and maximum insurance amounts, available as term or permanent.

Simplified Non-Med Life Insurance


Simplified and non-medical life insurance is a convenient option. Pricing can be very competitive. Generally, the higher the insurance risk, the more attractive simplified insurance becomes – with an easier customer experience and no medical exam. Exclusions may apply in the first 2 years for higher risk cases. Available as term or permanent.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance


If you are high risk – or even extremely high risk – you can still get guaranteed issue life insurance, with many options available to apply for up to age 75. This is permanent life insurance only, no term available. Non-accidental death is not covered during the first 2 years. Has smaller minimum and maximum insurance amounts.

Term Life Insurance


For needs of a temporary nature, such as protecting a mortgage, or financially supporting your family. Term insurance is much less expensive than permanent insurance, because you will most likely outlive it. Its general purpose is to provide financial coverage for your temporary obligations in the event of your untimely death. Various term lengths are available. Longer term is more expensive due to the greater chance of a claim.

Permanent Life Insurance


For needs of a permanent nature, such as final expenses and leaving money behind. You can buy insurance that will last a lifetime with no rate increase ever. It is more expensive than term insurance because you cannot outlive it. You have the peace of mind knowing that an amount of funding is secured – you then just have to pay the monthly premiums.